New digital SAT and ACT exams starting in March 2024

Start preparing in the summer and fall for the new digital SAT and ACT exams

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First We Test, Then We Assess.


First, We Test.

Our first step with new students is to get a baseline score for both the SAT and ACT to determine where they stand.


Then, We Assess Their Scores.

Next, we analyze the students’ results from both the SAT and ACT tests to determine their strengths and weaknesses.


Get Your Customized Tutoring Plan.

Finally, we create a day-by-day tutoring game plan structured around your child’s availability and skill set.

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About SAT/ACT Sense

"The key to effective tutoring is not only knowing the material and strategies, but also showing students how to prepare for the test, so they can eventually work independently on test day."

With over 25 years in public and private education, Steve has tutored hundreds of students for the Verbal portions of the SAT and ACT. Steve has a BA in English/History/Education from Rutgers University, NJ and an MBA in entrepreneurship. Currently, Steve manages and coaches a hand selected team of the best teachers, tutors, and educators while also personally tutoring select students for the SAT and ACT Verbal portions of test.


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What is the earliest date this year that I can take the SAT in a school environment?

When is the earliest date I can take the ACT?

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